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The Bicycle Wine Rack

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bicycle wine rack

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"Simple, chic, and effective."

- Gizmodo

If you like wine and you like biking, you're going to love this.
The leather bicycle wine rack is perfect for taking wine with you on the go and easily attaches to most bike frames.
A hidden clamping system holds the bottle securely so you can safely take your merlot on the go. Best of all, it's handmade in Montreal using antique brass fasteners and olive oil-treated vegetable-tanned leather that will only look better as it ages.

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Handcrafted with love

Each Bicycle Wine Rack is made by hand in our studio in Montreal from vegetable-tanned leather and available in tan, brown and black. We know that you'll appreciate and enjoy the quality.

Functional design

Brass fasteners securely hold the genuine leather Bicycle Wine Rack to your bike and the custom bolts won't scratch your frame.

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Crafted with purpose

Your bottle isn't going anywhere. Fits bike frames from 1″ - 1.5″ and bottle diameters of 2.5″ - 3.25″.

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