How long do orders take to ship?

Wholesale orders ship within 1-3 business days and will arrive almost anywhere in the world within 4-10 business days.

What is the pricing?

Items are sold on a sliding scale. Please refer to the Pricing page for the pricing chart.

Do you have any hi-res images, videos, or sharable content that I can use on my website or on my social media?

Hi-res images, videos and Instagram content are all available on the Seller Resources page, and on each product's individual product page.

Do your products come with packaging?

The Bicycle Wine Rack comes with unique packaging, as does the U-Lock Holster. All other products come with an Oopsmark tag. 

How do I display The Bicycle Wine Rack?

The Bicycle Wine Rack is most effectively displayed on a bike with a bottle of wine - this truly showcases the functionality and quality of the product. Displaying the bike in a storefront window will definitely grab people's attention! If you don't have space for a bicycle in-store, the Bicycle Wine Rack can also be mounted on a set of handle bars, a simple length of pipe, or be creative!

Is Oopsmark wholesale pricing competitive to retail?

Our wholesale pricing is set at or below Keystone pricing, allowing wholesalers to set competitive retail prices.