Leather Belt Hack

The origin of this leather belt hack began years ago when I made only custom belts, which was great and offered a world of possibilities. Because most people only change size slightly during the jolly seasons, the belts didn't need to have a million holes in them and the tongues never ended up being to long. To be able to sell leather belts on the internet, I wanted to be able to maintain that same custom aesthetic but add the ability to customize the the length. This was the motivation behind the Everyday Belt.

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As always, the goal was to make something simple bold and elegant. In this design I was able to remove the need for heavy steel buckle by adding a leather strap to help hold it together. The Pialino screws that hold the belt to the buckle also allow the buckle to be removed and installed in a different position. This is where the adjustability comes in. Because there's only a little bit of metal you won't set up the metal detectors in the airport! I've been super happy with the design so far and wear mine everyday. Recently this quest to design a minimal belt went a little bit further when my assistant Alex pointed out that the belt could work fine without the buckle. Right she was. If you remove the belt from the buckle, it works just aswell. I love this hack. A belt with no buckle - amazing. It can't get any more minimal than that? I've got some new gear in the pipeline that works in conjunction with this belt. Last years testing working out well so they should be out soon. Stay tuned!

leather belt hack

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