A grooms men gift that makes sense.

I love weddings. I've never been married myself but have been to enough of them to know that they're fun. I've had the privilege of being in the wedding party a couple of times and that's always a blast. The last wedding I was in was my brother Luc's, that was awesome. As a thank you for taking part he gave us all knives with our nicknames engraved in them. I'm still using the knife and love it. If you've been a groomsmen before you'll know that you usually get a flask for your time. I don't drink that much hard alcohol and I certainly don't carry it around with me so I've never used a flask. There's got to be a lot of great gift ideas for your groomsmen as a thank you.

I woke up one day thinking how much I'd love to make some groomsmen suspenders for a wedding. What a great gift from the groom. So naturally I did some recruiting on facebook. "Jesse Herbert: I want to make some suspenders for the grooms men in a wedding" later that day I got a comment from Mike "Mike M: I'm in". Mike always loves to wear fun clothes and he wanted to introduce a little of that into the wedding. He had picked up a classic old suit in Texas and thought some suspenders would add to it nicely.


It was fun to hang out with the posse a little and everyone was pretty stoked to be getting custom suspenders. I swung by the wedding reception at the Montreal Curling Club to see how things were getting along. The dance floor was packed and everyone seemed to be having a good time. Mike and I talked a little about the style and fit and decided on using some hardware from the breast of a horse. The whole posse of groomsmen came by the studio one day to get their suspenders sized. I'd prepared all of the pieces so we could just focus on the custom fit. The suspenders were a huge hit. Susan Moss was taking control of the wedding photography so I ended up getting some sweet pics, thanks Susan.


What are you going to give to your boyz?


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